Sunday, September 26, 2010

Uh-oh injury...

So I dusted myself off and climbed back on that horse - appreciating the support and wisdom of my fellow 12WBTers.

It was an absolutely stunning spring day in Melbourne yesterday - clear blue sky and just a whisper of wind.  Woofy and I ran 8.5kms down the to beach and back and enjoyed every minute.  When I got back I felt fantastic - pious and buzzing with adrenalin.  Calories on target.  All good here.

This morning off I went again following Mish's outdoor regime.  On the last run home, I heard a nasty pop and my knee collapsed. :(  Very, very painful.  Because I didn't have a phone or anything with me - and I could see my front door - it took me 20 minutes to shuffle and hop the last 300 metres home.

I can't stand, walk or bend my leg, which is making most things quite difficult.  Now I am confined to the couch with a suspected torn cruciate ligament and only a laptop and a dog for company.  Feeling very sorry for myself.

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