Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So I was crap last week, but have been on the wagon again this week and very pleased to have recorded a loss of one kilo this week.

On Monday I injured myself - tore the cartilage in my knee while running - which has seriously affected my training regime.  My hopes of being an Olympic athlete have been dashed as I hobble around trying not to wince with each step. :(  By the time I have it surgically repaired and recover enough to be able to run again I'll have missed the whole summer-daylightsaving thing that makes running even more enjoyable.

I've got my fitball and resistance bands ready for some serious resistance training and can still do abs, arms and back but am really upset about the intense cardio that will be missing from my regime for a few months.

Plus I took a photo for my before and after shot on the 12WBT page, and although I have already lost more than 20kgs, I still look like a fatty.  Sigh. I know that's why I'm doing the program and in 10 more weeks I'll be at least 10kgs slimmer and almost at my goal, but today I feel like eating worms...


1 comment:

  1. OH bugger!

    Are there any alternative cardio options you can do? Like one of those hand cycles?
    Lot of hugs for the knee.. I hope it isn't too bad :(

    I think we all have fatty days and it is really hard to appreciate our bodies when it is looking at them and think 'im fat' that has been our motivation to lose weight in the first place!
    Have you really lost 20kg already? That is amazing! Who cares if you still have a few to go, your body is an amazing fat burning machine!