Monday, August 30, 2010

The running dog

Pic of running dog after a big run.  Been to the beach, had a bath and blow-wave, then took her pigs ear and went to have a snooze on the bed...

When I first started Round 1 of the 12WBT, I never thought I would actually enjoy exercising.  I lived in fear of burpees and jogging, but now I actually enjoy them.  I've discovered that secret adrenalin rush that fit people boast about and the rest of us think is just a figment of their food-deprived imaginations.  It's actually real and makes you feel amazing for the whole day.  So, I've become addicted to running - and as a result my trusty four-legged training buddy is way over-trained and now insists on vigorous daily workouts and running in addition to her normal dog-walks, games and accompanying me to the office.

But it seems that my body can't keep up with my enthusiasm - or my dog - and I've injured myself so that I can't really run at the moment. Or walk actually...  Strained muscles it seems.  And a super tight ITB that is pulling my knee out of alignment.  And I was getting so that I could do about 8kms at a time.  :( So now I'm stressed.  The running program and the diet I've been following were working really well for me and I don't want to just get fat again because I can't exercise properly.

I've got a fancy gym membership at a super-groovy gym down by the beach.  I've had the membership for years and it's cost me a fortune, but I hardly ever go there because of the love-hate relationship we have.  I love that's it's funky and new and well resourced - with great views - but that means that it's liberally populated with skinny young beautiful people who also appreciate the grooviness of the place.  I went to spinning last week and I was 20 years and at least as many kilos more than anyone else in the place. Sigh.  But I did manage to keep up.  Well, for most of the class anyway.

Back to the physio to get these muscles back in peak running condition...

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  1. OMG! That is gorgeous!

    I have a pommy x foxy that I keep threatening to take running with me but I reckon she would crash at the corner of the block! lol

    Won't be to much longer until you are one the skinny ones at the gym!