Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back on track!

Yay for me!  My mojo has returned (along with my health) and I've been following Michelle's exercise program religiously this week.  Not sure if it's my imagination, but the exercises seem to be much more difficult than in previous rounds?  I mean Mish, what's with those Turkish Get-Ups?  I'm guessing they're named after Turkish Delight coz that's what your legs feel like after you've done three rounds of 12 of them on each side of your body...  And as for eight minutes of planks after a 60 minute jog this morning!  Yes, I definitely have abs and every single one of them is complaining.  But boy are they going to look amazing when I've burned a bit more of the fat off to expose their beauty!
Now for another cup of nice green tea...

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